Fashion fades, style is eternal

Yves Saint-Laurent

Juliet Herrera

The Designer

Colombian born and Spanish national, with a penchant for design that grows as an emanation of good taste that has always surrounded her by family tradition. 
Combined forms of art like music, dance and painting, experiences instilled that make her the comprehensive designer she is today. A proficiency which she has had the opportunity to apply accumulated knowledge since early childhood and on her way through the academy.

Juliet has developed a career in the fashion world, which began in her native Colombia. Later, moving to Spain, she specialised on bespoke clothing and limited editions, all created with incredible attention to detail, which makes each and every one of her pieces real and truly unique.

Her collections are defined by the quality of the materials chosen, which should harmonise with the feminine silhouette, aiming for a perfect fit in fall and movement. That’s why all her garments are created directly on the body or the dummy.

The beauty of her creations is admired by minimalism, freshness, elegance and creativity achieved by the reinterpretation of classic cuts and lines, always enhancing design with the latest styles and continuous innovations.


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